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Womankind looks to take care of all woman with their innovative menstrual sanitary products

In various communities around the country and the world, the use of synthetic pads and/or tampons may have negative health effects on women’s bodies during their menstruation. Others miss out on education or work due to lack of accessibility of menstrual sanitary products, and if not educated – they struggle with finding a suitable alternative that will be cost effective and non-harmful to their bodies or the planet. However, over recent years the integration and use of cotton, reusable menstrual sanitary pads in society has become a very beneficial and successful move for women in urban and rural areas, with a large beneficiary of these pads being women from rural areas or communities that are at a distance from urban areas and resources for menstruation.

Benefits of Product Offering

The rise in the usage of cotton/material sanitary pads for women who are experiencing their periods has increased significantly in recent years – with the inclusion of other menstruation products, such as environmentally-friendly menstrual sponges and menstrual cups being produced for women across the country.

Womankind SA

We’re a company that is proud to be a part of the journey of transitioning from the synthetic cotton-made pads which take more than five years to decompose in waste, and even then, they are not 100% recyclable in society. In a society where the economy and circumstances make it hard for female employees and students, products like those produced by women and offered by Womankind, allow for women to achieve their goals without major discomfort or worry over being able to purchase another packet of sanitary pads for their next cycle.

The beautiful aspect about Womankind

The process behind the production of our sanitary products – our pads and sponges are produced locally by women from the townships in the country, so women get a first-hand glimpse into a product that can help them. It’s also good to note that our menstrual pads and sponges are soft to use, easy to clean and maintain, and don’t dry or abrade the vagina like tampons and synthetic pads do.

Another great aspect about our products

They are both recyclable and biodegradable. When cleaning the sponges in between cycles, they only require warm water and natural, non-polluting lavender oil or vinegar to disinfect them. The sponges gradually disintegrate naturally after a number of uses, without polluting the ground or the waters. The cotton material made for the pads can be recycled with garbage refusal bags and are easily disposable without polluting the environment.

Using an easy method to buy the products from our website

Womankind’s pads and sponges are delivered to women from various parts of South Africa and the world, and not only do the menstrual pads come in different colours, but all of our purchased products come with an explanatory leaflet for customers, in biodegradable packaging.

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