machine washable pads

Womankind brings machine washable, one-time purchase reusable pads

The instant act of the national lockdown due to COVID-19 has affected our lives in a scary way. The idea of always having to be aware, clean (by washing our hands) and practising social-distancing in activities that we complete every day has made normal life difficult – especially with the idea of staying home basically 24/7.

We have to be honest, leaving your house to shop for essentials has become a riskier sport than bull riding or rugby in terms of trying to avoid contact while completing simple tasks. For women, there is the additional fear of ensuring that you have enough feminine hygiene products for your body to prevent leaving the house so frequently – can you imagine having to tell a police officer that you’re rushing off to buy sanitary pads?

The nice thing about Womankind’s sanitary pads is that they don’t need you to leave the comfort (or safety) of your home. Our sanitary pads are specially created to be reused after a simple hand or machine wash so that you don’t have to worry about running out of pads during lockdown.

The existence of Womankind’s sanitary pads and sponges, as well as other reusable menstruation products, is a great representation of how sustainable reusable sanitary pads are. They were created to make your life easier during that time of the month and you don’t even have to hurt your wallet.

With Womankind’s sanitary pads or our sanitary kits, you have one less reason to partake in the risky act of shopping. Check our product page to see what we offer.

Stay safe, wash your hands and remember to practice social distancing.

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