We have gone Bee-Centric with The Bee Effect

The Bee EffectNot only is a good baby carrier critical to our children’s wellbeing, but also for looking after the environment they live in, which is why African Baby Carrier is committed to supporting our environment. How? We are proud to announce our affiliation with The Bee Effect. This is a program that is focused on one of the things us Mom’s pay much attention to, a well-balanced diet.  Honey bees need a diverse diet to stay healthy just like our young ones, which is just what The Bee Effect supports with its programs that feed our honey bees both in our back gardens and out in the rural areas of South Africa.  Join the Hive and get bee-centric!  To find out just how easy it is, visit www.bee-effect.co.za.

Bee-proud and join us in playing your part in securing the future of our children.