how to save with baltic amber

Using amber products can save money, time and energy

Baltic amber products can save money, time and health. We often associate them with teething babies, but there are multiple products for adults and pets as well. We at WomanKind strongly believe in the healing effects of Baltic amber products for common ailments such as ear and teeth pain. Continue reading as we take a look at the benefits of Baltic ambers.

What is Baltic amber?

It is an old custom in parts of Europe and the Far East for babies and children to wear amber. Contrary to its appearance, Baltic amber is not a gemstone or rock; it actually forms when tree resin fossilizes. It is found throughout the world in areas such as Poland, Lithuania and Germany, but specifically around the area near the Baltic Sea, thus the name ‘Baltic’ amber.

Amber beads have many variations, all of which go through different treatments. These include natural Baltic amber, modified Baltic amber, reconstructed Baltic amber and bonded Baltic amber. 

Benefits of Baltic amber

Associated with sunlight and warmth, Baltic amber is known for its immune-boosting qualities. The wearer’s body warmth activates the amber, which releases succinic acid. This is a natural oil that already exists in small amounts in our bodies. It reduces inflammation and accelerates healing, and is therefore a perfect soother for teething babies and children. 

Common benefits of wearing Baltic amber include: preventing and soothing headaches, reducing cold and flu symptoms, and managing asthma. It may also help the body and mind cope with stress and anxiety. Baltic amber is beneficial for adults too, and can save the wearer from frequent trips to the doctor.

Baltic amber products

There are many ways to incorporate Baltic amber into your daily life. WomanKind has a variety of products that include adult jewellery and pillow designs, as well as an extensive range of baby and pet products. 

Baltic amber works best with skin-to-skin contact and its effects may vary depending on what symptoms the wearer is treating. Effects such as pain and inflammation relief may differ from person to person. 

Caring for Baltic amber products

It is important to take proper care of Baltic amber products to get maximum use of their healing benefits and longevity. Worn beads are not for chewing and sucking, as their healing properties are activated when the amber beads warm against skin.

To care for amber beads, we should avoid using harsh detergents and simply rinse them with warm water, using a soft cloth to dry them. If necessary, we can rub them with olive oil to restore their shine. 

Purchasing Baltic amber products is an investment in one’s health,  which saves wearers from regular doctor’s visits and therefore saves money, time and energy. Contact us or visit our store for our Baltic amber product range.