when amber touches your skin

Unlock the secrets of Baltic Amber to relieve pain and alleviate stress

Amber has been used in Europe for hundreds of years and is famous for its healing properties. Amber isn’t a stone as many people believe. It’s made of fossilised tree resin and is warm to the touch.

When amber touches human skin, it gets warm and releases succinic acid which has many healing properties. “Succinic” is the Latin word for ‘succinum’ which means ‘of amber’. The succinic that’s released from the amber does many good things for the body.

Succinic is a natural analgesic which relieves pain from arthritis and inflammation and can also be used to help with teething pain in babies. When Baltic amber touches the skin it also creates an electromagnetic field which is therapeutic and helps alleviate stress and negativity.

The amber should be worn close to the skin as much as possible for it to have the desired effect and heal the body.