baltic Amber tootsies

Tootsie Baby and Kids now stocks Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces for babies

Tootsie baby and kids specializes in baby furniture, accessories as well as a wide range of high-quality baby and toddler products. From pregnancy to the baby, there is a variety of products you can choose from to make your life easier as a parent.

We have partnered with Tootsie to provide the amber teething necklace. We know that babies experience a lot of discomfort when they are teething. The amber teething necklace from Baltic Amber for Africa is a natural and homeopathic product that provides relief for teething symptoms as well as promotes general well-being. The necklace is worn at night and has anti-inflammatory properties that help calm and soothe your teething baby.

We are thrilled that our amber teething necklace is now available at the Tootsie baby and kids store. You can purchase the necklace at the Tootsie online shop or their physical store at 2 Lindley Street, Bethlehem.