The natural and therapeutic properties of amber help with physical, mental, as well as emotional problems in adults too.

When most people think of Baltic amber, they think of the miraculous teething bracelets for babies. What most people don’t know is that Baltic amber can be just as helpful to adults as well as having no side-effects at all. After all, it isn’t called the healing stone for nothing.

So what does it do? Firstly, amber has electrostatic properties that give off positive energy to battle a number of different physical ailments. This energy helps the body to heal itself by stimulating the immune system and reducing pain and toxins in the body. By wearing amber close to an affected body part, the healing effects are magnified for better results. Other ailments that can be treated by Baltic amber are inflammation, slow digestion, joint pain and many others. People who wear amber daily also report having increased vitality and higher energy levels.

Other than physical ailments, amber is also renowned for helping with emotional issues by removing negative thoughts and negative energy. It’s said that amber can help those that are suffering from anxiety and depression, as well as addiction. This warm, honey-like substance is also said to be able to improve mental clarity and short-term memory.

In some cultures, amber is revered as a substance that helps the body enhance and control its energy flow. They believe that the energy points in the body called “chakras” have to be balanced in order for the body to work efficiently. If the chakras aren’t balanced, it can lead to mental as well as physical problems. Amber is believed to activate the chakras within the body causing a positive energy flow that helps with health and overall well-being.

It’s also said that amber can be a helpful tool for meditation because it releases warm energy when touched that clears the mind and relaxes the body.

With so many benefits and no drawbacks, Baltic amber is an amazing natural substance that can be used to treat physical, emotional and mental problems in both adults and children. In fact, Baltic amber is the perfect gift for the mature and elderly. Visit us to find out more.