Succinic acid

The remarkable healing properties of amber jewellery.

Succinic acid, a substance that occurs naturally in plants and animals, is the secret weapon in amber’s health arsenal. It is what is responsible for the healing properties of amber.

The easiest way to engage with the healing properties of amber and succinic acid is to wear amber jewellery. When you wear it against your skin, you allow it to improve your health in several ways

One of the most useful benefits is stress-relief; amber helps one’s mind relax. The immune system is also boosted when wearing amber and is useful to help avoid colds and flu. Additionally, an anti-inflammatory nature means succinic acid is really good for arthritis. For further benefits of succinic acid, click here.

Thus, the benefits of succinic acid are as apparent as the beauty of amber itself. Read Baltic Amber For Africa’s more in-depth article on succinic acid and its benefits here. You can also shop for your own piece of wearable medicine.