Benefits of natural skincare

The benefits of natural skin care

Natural skin care can mean different things, depending on who we ask. Simply put, they are products that do not contain synthetic materials. They are manufactured with botanical and organic ingredients. These cosmetics are eco-friendly, thus beneficial for the environment. Animal welfare has also been taken into consideration in their formulation, making them all the rage in vegan circles. A lack of synthetic chemicals means they are gentle on a variety of skin types. WomanKind is proud to be part of this growing community of all things raw and unrefined. With us, it has never been easier to find the natural skincare routine for all.

For the eco-conscious

Sustainability is an umbrella term that encompasses environmental awareness, animal welfare and ethics. It is no secret that, through our need for mass consumption, humans have not been very kind to the Earth. Using sustainable, natural skin care is one of the few ways we can give back. For those of us who care about staying green, natural skin care allows us to practice what we preach. 

A number of skin care brands have decided to take the zero waste route. Ditching plastic straws is not enough Ditching plastic straws when the bathroom cabinet is filled with nonrecyclable containers that will end up in landfills and oceans. Natural skin care brands now offer products that are refillable or have biodegradable packaging. 

For the animal lovers, the benefits of switching to a natural skin care regime is knowing that we are doing the best for the welfare of our furry friends. Unlike traditional cosmetics, the cruelty-free status is a cornerstone of natural skin care movement. These products have not been tested on animals during the development phase. Others go as far as being vegan, which means that no animal products have made it onto the ingredients list. Natural skin care also remembers to be kind to humans. Not only those who use the products, but those who make them as well. 

Many brands pride themselves in being fair trade, which means the utmost care has been taken to make sure that no vulnerable groups have been exploited in the sourcing and manufacturing of products.

For all skin types

Natural skin care welcomes all skin types with open arms. Rarely can something be touted as a dermatological panacea, but it comes close. The upside of using these organic ingredients is that they tend to be gentler than the synthetic counterparts. 

Throughout history, humans have used what the environment has to offer in order to heal, and skin care is no different. It has been documented that the ancients were known to soak their bodies in milk to maintain a smoother and more youthful appearance. With the help of modern science, we now know that it was thanks to the lactic acid in milk which speeds up cell turnover and gets rid of the dead cells on the top layer of the skin. This is why using something like goat’s milk in as a cleanser works wonders for those of us with textured, bumpy skin. 

For those with problematic, oily skin, the answer is clay. Coming directly from the earth, clay has been used for millennia as a gentle and effective tool for extracting impurities from skin. On the flip side, we cannot overlook the importance of oils as an integral part of a good natural skin care routine. Shea butter and jojoba oil are just some of the names in the holy grail of natural oils. Both are proven to be packed with Vitamin E, which is an antioxidant with anti-aging properties. The ability to lock in moisture also means that ingredients such as these are gentle alternatives for people suffering with dry skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

For the frugal

It’s no secret that high-end, luxury skin care can cost an arm and a leg. Some of us simply don’t possess those funds. Or we just aren’t willing to cough up the cash on something that might not work. Natural skin care allows us the freedom to safely experiment with our skin without having to break the bank. 

Most components of a decent skin care routine can be recreated at home, with ingredients that are already in the fridge or pantry! Once familiarised with natural skin care ingredients and what they do, it is easy to tailor an all-natural routine that fits any need. Oil cleansers, gentle sugar scrubs, moisturising masks and everything in between. Why spend a small fortune on a blemish-removing serum when a simple mixture of two tablespoons of honey and a teaspoon of cinnamon can also do the trick? 

The benefit of at-home beauty products by mixing and matching different ingredients puts the power back in our hands. Its great because we know exactly what we are putting on our precious bodies. If that wasn’t great enough, it’s a fun way to bond with friends and family by making concoctions together. This is just another way in which natural skin care flexes its holistic benefits. It not only nourishes your body, but your soul as well.   

Make the big switch to natural skin care

In the age of misinformation, the natural skin care movement has unfortunately not been able to stay immune. While natural skin care products and routines have their benefits and can bring out the best in our skin, it is important to understand that natural does not necessarily always mean better. Advances in science have been able to help us learn how to protect our skin in invaluable ways. For example, think about the advent of formulated sunscreen lotion. When embarking on a natural skin care routine for the first time, especially when already experiencing underlying skin conditions, it is wise to consult a dermatologist. Natural skin care ingredients tend to be safer and gentler on skin. However, just how we can have peanut or shellfish allergies, negative reactions can still arise from nature. When switching to natural skin care, start off slow and see what does and doesn’t work.

Skin is our body’s largest organ, so it is imperative to not neglect it. Beauty trends tend to focus on the face, and not overall skin health. However these multifaceted natural ingredients prove that it is just as easy to nourish every single inch of ourselves the safe way. Take a leaf from the book of our ancestors and keep your skin happy in a way that does not bring harm to the environment, the animals and just as importantly, yourself. Peruse the selection of all-natural and sustainably sourced cleansing products available at Womankind to find the perfect one for any need.