amber is not a actually stone

So what is Baltic Amber and where does it originate from?

So if it isn’t actually a stone which is why it isn’t cold to the touch, then what is Baltic Amber really? Amber is made of fossilised tree resin from forests that were flooded by the sea millions of years ago. The fossilised resin used in Baltic Amber for Africa products originates from areas around the […]

bubba got sore toofies

While you’re out buying groceries you can now purchase our all-natural Baltic Amber for Africa baby teething necklaces at Pick n Pay

As a parent, you may find it absolutely gut-wrenching to watch your baby suffer in pain, particularly when it’s part of their natural development, as with teething. Thankfully, you can now pick up one of our naturally healing Baltic Amber for Africa baby teething necklaces at Pick n Pay. Our natural remedy for baby teething pain […]