Saving money with natural bathroom products

We tend to spend a lot of money on products that literally go right down the drain. Not only can this get expensive but it’s not great for the planet either. Save on costs and save the planet by using natural bathroom products.

Organic hair care

Caring for our hair is a daily activity. Running through tons of unsustainable products that use animal products and harmful chemicals, can weigh on our minds and on our wallets. Switching to a natural product will help. Our hemp oil shampoo and peppermint oil shampoo are great natural products to use. We also offer a conditioner that contains no animal products and no harmful chemicals, which makes it perfect for sensitive skin.

Natural bathroom sponges

Sponges will naturally fall apart over time. Knowing that you are using natural sponges means you don’t need to worry about the effect on the environment. Natural sea sponges do a great job of cleaning our oceans and can do a similarly good job of cleaning our bodies. Their fine pores make them effective but gentle and they are therefore ideal for sensitive skin. All of our sponges are sustainably harvested and offer you a great natural cleanse.

Cleaning your teeth

Dental care is another daily bathroom routine. Taking care of our teeth helps to avoid an expensive trip to the dentist. There are many natural product options for cleaning your teeth. One of the things often neglected in oral care is the tongue. The tongue facilitates a lot of bacteria and plaque buildup in the mouth  that will affect the health of your teeth. Keeping your tongue clean should be part of your daily brushing and flossing routine. Our tongue cleaner is a great way of doing this. Its stainless steel construction means it will last you a lifetime.

Feminine hygiene products

Menstruation can be a costly and uncomfortable monthly occurrence. Consider reusable menstrual pads or natural alternatives and avoid having to purchase disposable products that are harmful to the environment. Womankind offers you great, eco-friendly feminine hygiene products.

The bathroom doesn’t need to be a place where we flush away our cash. There are plenty of natural bathroom products that will suit our needs. Using natural bathroom products is sustainable and cost effective. Visit our store for all environmentally conscious bathroom needs.