Benefits of natural skincare

The benefits of natural skin care

Natural skin care can mean different things, depending on who we ask. Simply put, they are products that do not contain synthetic materials. They are manufactured with botanical and organic ingredients. These cosmetics are eco-friendly, thus beneficial for the environment. Animal welfare has also been taken into consideration in their formulation, making them all the […]

Saving money with natural bathroom products

We tend to spend a lot of money on products that literally go right down the drain. Not only can this get expensive but it’s not great for the planet either. Save on costs and save the planet by using natural bathroom products. Organic hair care Caring for our hair is a daily activity. Running […]

Women kind, win 3 amazing prizes amber neckless competition win

Womankind is giving away three amazing prizes to participants in our online Baltic Amber competition.

Baltic Amber is ideal for teething babies and now it can help you stand a chance to win a deluxe baby carrier! The Baltic Amber teething necklace is a great relief for teething babies. It Reduces pain, discomfort, and inflammation and boosts the immune system. Knowing that your baby is healthy and comfortable is a […]

Handmade and ergonomics baby carriers

Baby carriers handmade for comfort

A baby carrier is a helpful item a new mother would consider using. It can make their lives a bit easier and the close proximity a baby carrier provides helps to strengthen a mother’s relationship with their baby. Consciously choosing the most suitable baby carrier will benefit the baby and the mother. Our African Baby […]

Natural sea sponges

Using sea sponges as tampons

The female body undergoes various changes every month, particularly around the ovulation period. During menstruation, our bodies expel toxins through bleeding. Many of us use personal hygiene products, such as tampons, which provide many benefits for menstruating bodies. Often, these have a negative effect on the environment and our wallets. At Womankind, we offer natural feminine […]