New design featuring more traditional fabric. Also allows for side carry plus more…

New design featuring more traditional fabric. Also allows for side carry plus more…

At African Baby Carriers we make our baby carriers with baby-comfort in mind. We know that nothing makes a mother happier than seeing her baby safe, happy and comfortable.

Babies feel comfortable, secure and learn a lot when they are close to their caregivers. We intend to continue keeping mother and baby close with our new range of durable, ergonomic baby carriers.

Our carriers are well-known for their flexibility, durability, and comfort. And, unlike other baby carrier designs that allow only back and front carrying, our new range is conveniently made for side carrying too.  In fact, our carriers offer parents several carry options and, regardless of your selected carry position, they will fully support your baby’s head and spine while allowing his/her hips to stretch out freely. This can promote the healthy development of hip joints and prevent hip dysplasia.

Being able to adopt a side-ways carry position that does not hinder the correct development of your baby’s hip and spine, is not the only benefit you can enjoy from the design changes we have implemented. A few of the other features of our new selection of baby carriers, which you and your little can enjoy, include:

  • A new and improved hood closing system that no longer incorporates Velcro. As such, the hood can be opened/closed silently, allowing your little one to sleep undisturbed during transfers.
  • Comfortable shoulder straps that can be crossed over behind you should you decide to adopt a front carrying position.
  • An improved mechanism allowing for easier and better storage of the excess webbing which can be used to support your child as his/her weight increases.

Aside from the above, our new range of denim baby carriers features more traditional South African fabric (Shweshwe) as well as more Peppertree designer fabrics. Additionally, the carriers include more hemp fabric for extra durability. The use of more hemp also means that our new range of African Baby Carriers can adjust to hot and cold temperatures more effectively, ensuring baby safety and comfort no matter where you are.

Visit your nearest stockist or our online store now to shop for the new and improved range of African Baby Carriers.