just peachy

Just Peachy Boutique in Benoni now stock our Baltic Amber products available online for babies, toddlers and moms.

Looking for a shop that stocks baby teething products? Look no further because Just Peachy Boutique, which sell baby products for both occasion and necessity, now stock Baltic Amber for Africa baby teething necklaces and bracelets.

Our amber teething products are a great natural remedy to sooth pain in babies, which has been used since ancient times. The amber, upon contact with the skin, naturally releases Succinic acid which is completely harmless to baby and harbours many benefits along with it. The benefits of wearing the teething necklace or teething bracelet include: reducing inflammation, suppressing pain, and calming irritability.

Our range of Baltic Amber necklaces and Baltic Amber bracelets come in a variety of different colours for you and baby, to choose from. Happy teething from Baltic Amber for Africa and Just Peachy Boutique!