Baltic Amber necklace and bracelet

How to take care of your Baltic Amber bracelet or necklace so it lasts much longer

Baltic Amber is made from fossilized tree resin in forests that were flooded by the sea millions of years ago. Associated with sunlight and warmth, it is a very old custom in various parts of Europe and the Far East for babies and children to wear amber because of its healing properties.

Therefore, the amber is very old but you can make your bracelet or necklace last for a long time with these easy guidelines.

Only raw, unpolished amber is used and the important outer layer should not be broken. Over time, this can happen but you can make it last longer by not cleaning it with rough material or having it rub off on some types of clothing. Minimal friction will make your product last much longer.

Even though some of our bracelets and necklaces are for teething babies or pets, they are not for chewing. Babies will not chew through them that easily but eventually their teeth might get the outer layer to flake, so keeping an eye on this is important. Also, make sure pets are not chewing on them and that they don’t have anything else causing excessive friction like a second collar.

Finally, the only real weakness of our products is the screw clasp which can break when pulled to hard. This is also a safety feature, especially when it comes to babies who might choke. So please make sure you don’t tug or apply too much force on the clasp and it will last you a long time.

Make sure you look after your Baltic Amber products and they will look after you. You can also find our whole range of products here.