Here are some benefits and characteristics of our affordable, durable and ergonomic range of baby carriers.

Here are some benefits and characteristics of our affordable, durable and ergonomic range of baby carriers.

Now that your little one is finally here, at African Baby Carrier we know that you want to make sure you give him/her the best of everything. That is why we have a wide range of ergonomically healthy baby carriers that are comfortable, durable and are specifically designed to protect your baby’s brittle bone structure.

To grow healthy and happy, your baby does not only depend on the healthy foods you give them or hygiene, but also rely on the baby carrier you use to carry them. At African Baby Carrier, we understand that growing up is a long process that requires caregivers to pay attention to detail. That is why we have been dedicating our time, skills and resources to manufacturing only the best quality of baby carriers over the years. Carriers that are specifically designed to give babies all the support their bodies need, and carriers that have various health benefits such as:

  • Preventing hip dysplasia by situating hips in a “frog position”, therefore not letting legs to dangle.
  • Strong support for the correct development of the child’s spine and hips.
  • Comfort causing your baby to relax his/her nerves.
  • Not straining the caregiver’s back.

Our carriers come in different colours and designs and are also suitable for carrying newborn babies, 6-month olds to 6-year olds. They have unique features such as:

  • Fabrics that respond to climate by being cool in Summer and warm in Winter.
  • A hood specially designed to offer full support for the child’s neck and head while sleeping.
  • Gives three carry options: front, back and side carry.
  • Flexible abdomen area to accommodate leg spacing.
  • Uniquely designed to expand in height and width to accommodate the support of a growing child.
  • Multi-adjustment options to accommodate the growth of a baby up to 22kg’s.
  • Adjusts to fit Mum’s body like a glove, ensuring maximum comfort for both.

So choosing a comfortable, ergonomic African Baby Carrier is one of the most important steps to take to support your baby’s development. They help you protect your little one from all the harm while protecting you as well from straining your back.Try our range of baby carriers made from Denim and Hemp which makes them extra durable and safe for your baby’s sensitive skin.

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