Explore the soothing properties of our Baltic Amber products, now available at Klein Windhoek Pharmacy, Namibia.

Baltic amber is the result of millions of years of fossilised tree resin, which has been used by mankind since the beginning of time. It releases Succinic acid which is already present in our bodies and acts as a catalyst for reducing inflammation, pain relief and boosting the immune system.

No parent wants to see their baby in pain, but growing pains such as “teething” can’t be helped. You can however soften the strain your baby experiences with Baltic Amber for Africa and Klein Windhoek Pharmacy.

Klein Windhoek Pharmacy now stocks our Baltic Amber Teething Necklace which is an all-natural, safe and easy to use remedy that soothes pain caused by teething. Our other Baltic amber products also have therapeutic and other qualities for adults.

Get down to Klein Windhoek Pharmacy today and try out this amazing necklace for yourself.