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Dr Gauri Lowe on our re-usable sanitary sea sponges

WOMAN KIND sea sponge tampon blogThe contemporary world that we live has seen women stand up and work towards taking care of their bodies during its delicate moments, like their menstrual periods.
Dr Gauri Lowe offers sanitary sponges that are made for women who want to be environmentally friendly as well as protect their bodies from the harsh toxins found in regular sanitary products.
Dr Lowe (MD) speaks here on the benefits of using a re-usable product like our sanitary sponge, as well as the health properties that it possesses for those who may be interested in switching to a re-usable sanitary product.
Womankind SA is a company dedicated to providing ecologically friendly alternatives to sanitary products for women who prefer less chemicals to enter their bodies.
Every woman’s body is different but they are also special, and it is important to look after them in the way that you see fit.
If you are interested in trying out our sanitary sponges, then please click here to visit our website.

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