different shapes and colour

Discover how different types of tree resin can influence the shape and colour of amber.

Among all the beauty produced naturally in this world, Baltic amber is definitely one of nature’s most remarkable creations. When you picture amber in your mind, you think of one colour: Yellow. But did you know that Baltic amber has seven main colours with over 250 different shades?

The seven main colours are: Yellow, white, blue, brown, green, red and black. The most highly sought after colours of amber are green and blue, but they are very hard to find. Baltic amber can also be “cooked” or dyed in order to manipulate the colour of the gemstone to be a darker shade.

The colour of amber however, is not purely for aesthetics. Researchers have found that the healing properties of Baltic amber are much higher in light shades than the darker counterparts. Depending on how severe the pain is, amber stockists recommend starting with a dark shade and gradually working your way towards the lighter colours.

Besides differing colours, the shape of Baltic amber solely depends on how nature intended it to be. Originating from trees, amber can come in many different shapes and sizes depending on the uniqueness of the tree itself.  Jewellers and artisans shape raw amber either by hand or using special machinery in order to produce custom jewellery based on the clients’ needs.

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