Natural sea sponges

Using sea sponges as tampons

The female body undergoes various changes every month, particularly around the ovulation period. During menstruation, our bodies expel toxins through bleeding. Many of us use personal hygiene products, such as tampons, which provide many benefits for menstruating bodies. Often, these have a negative effect on the environment and our wallets. At Womankind, we offer natural feminine […]

Natural healing for morning sickness

Baltic Amber, your natural solution to nausea and joint pain during pregnancy

Countries surrounding the Baltic Sea have used Baltic amber for hundreds of years. It’s known for being nature’s cure-all. It’s no surprise that it helps with joint pain and nausea too.  Amber is made from the sap of conifer trees located in the region’s dark forests. It contains a substance known as succinic acid, which […]

using baby carriers

5 Benefits of using a baby carrier for your new baby

All new mums and dads want to keep their babies safe and close when on the go! What better way than to use a baby carrier? Over the years, baby carriers have become more popular worldwide and can be used for newborn babies from day one. It’s convenient and there are so many great benefits […]

Baltic Amber

3 Reasons why Baltic Amber is ideal for your teething baby

Baltic Amber – you may have heard of it, but do you know about its benefits for teething babies? Baltic amber, also known as Succinite, is a fossilized tree resin specifically from the area near the Baltic Sea. It has been popular for centuries in Europe and the Far East for babies and children to […]

reusable menstrual pads

3 benefits of Womankind’s reusable menstrual pads

Have you ever wondered if you should switch to reusable menstrual pads? Apart from being great for the environment and even greater for your pocket, reusable pads have exceptional benefits for your body too! Here are a few reasons why Womankind’s reusable menstrual pads are an all-round winner. They’re reusable As the name would suggest, […]

3 benefits of Womankind reusable menstrual pads

Having your periods is already such a stressful and emotional time of the month and period products should not be adding on to it. Sanitary pads and tampons are not only pricey but also a health hazard, as well as harmful to the environment. So what should you use instead? Womankind has three products that […]

machine washable pads

Womankind brings machine washable, one-time purchase reusable pads

The instant act of the national lockdown due to COVID-19 has affected our lives in a scary way. The idea of always having to be aware, clean (by washing our hands) and practising social-distancing in activities that we complete every day has made normal life difficult – especially with the idea of staying home basically […]

Health reasons for using Womankind menstrual products

Health reasons for using Womankind menstrual products

Have you ever wondered if traditional tampons and pads are safe to use? We think that its something not many women wonder about. Sometimes it’s wise to stop and think about what we are putting into our bodies. With many cancers on the rise, and more and more younger women suffering from health problems, we […]

sea sanitary sponges

Dr Gauri Lowe on our re-usable sanitary sea sponges

The contemporary world that we live has seen women stand up and work towards taking care of their bodies during its delicate moments, like their menstrual periods. Dr Gauri Lowe offers sanitary sponges that are made for women who want to be environmentally friendly as well as protect their bodies from the harsh toxins found in regular […]

Introducing new and better segments on our new edition of baby carriers.

Introducing new and better segments on our new edition of baby carriers.

Caring and carrying is vital to our little ones. This is why we brought out several improvements to our new range of African Baby Carriers, to secure and sustain bonding while keeping your hands free. The new features include the sideway carry, which is now possible from either sides. We also added a crossover on […]