Baltic Amber

3 Reasons why Baltic Amber is ideal for your teething baby

Baltic Amber – you may have heard of it, but do you know about its benefits for teething babies? Baltic amber, also known as Succinite, is a fossilized tree resin specifically from the area near the Baltic Sea. It has been popular for centuries in Europe and the Far East for babies and children to […]

reusable menstrual pads

3 benefits of Womankind’s reusable menstrual pads

Have you ever wondered if you should switch to reusable menstrual pads? Apart from being great for the environment and even greater for your pocket, reusable pads have exceptional benefits for your body too! Here are a few reasons why Womankind’s reusable menstrual pads are an all-round winner. They’re reusable As the name would suggest, […]

Save money and time with African Baby Carrier

Save money and time with African Baby Carrier

As a mother, being able to multi-task, attend and give attention to your baby can be difficult. African Baby Carriers assist you to do it all while saving you money, time as well as helping you bond with your precious bundle. Traditional Western baby carriers are expensive, often bulky, and do not always use safe […]

machine washable pads

Womankind brings machine washable, one-time purchase reusable pads

The instant act of the national lockdown due to COVID-19 has affected our lives in a scary way. The idea of always having to be aware, clean (by washing our hands) and practising social-distancing in activities that we complete every day has made normal life difficult – especially with the idea of staying home basically […]

womankind take care

Womankind looks to take care of all woman with their innovative menstrual sanitary products

In various communities around the country and the world, the use of synthetic pads and/or tampons may have negative health effects on women’s bodies during their menstruation. Others miss out on education or work due to lack of accessibility of menstrual sanitary products, and if not educated – they struggle with finding a suitable alternative […]

Succinic acid

The remarkable healing properties of amber jewellery.

Succinic acid, a substance that occurs naturally in plants and animals, is the secret weapon in amber’s health arsenal. It is what is responsible for the healing properties of amber. The easiest way to engage with the healing properties of amber and succinic acid is to wear amber jewellery. When you wear it against your […]

don't imitate nature

Modern science recognises the value of succinic acid for wellness, anti-ageing and migraines.

Ancient people valued Baltic amber as a highly effective remedy for healing and wellness physically and mentally. Today, science reveals the wisdom of the ancient ones and why Baltic amber is just as important to us, as it was thousands of years ago. Succinic acid is the main compound found in Baltic amber. In fact, Baltic amber […]

morning sickness

Baltic amber is an ancient remedy that helps relieve nausea symptoms during pregnancy, and gastrointestinal distress.

Most pregnant women would be familiar with the symptoms of morning sickness. Some people suffer from gastrointestinal distress and know the feeling all to well. Nausea can be a very uncomfortable feeling to say the least. For thousands of years Baltic amber has been an ancient remedy that’s renowned for helping with a variety of […]

natural pain relief

Baltic Amber for Africa’s online shop is now open for easy ordering!

Baltic Amber for Africa was created because we believe in the healing power that amber has to offer. Amber works by releasing a succinic acid that the amber responds to when warmed up. Our amber products help smoothing teething pain in babies and relieve pain in adults too. Baltic Amber for Africa is pleased to […]