Handmade and ergonomics baby carriers

Baby carriers handmade for comfort

A baby carrier is a helpful item a new mother would consider using. It can make their lives a bit easier and the close proximity a baby carrier provides helps to strengthen a mother’s relationship with their baby. Consciously choosing the most suitable baby carrier will benefit the baby and the mother. Our African Baby […]

using baby carriers

5 Benefits of using a baby carrier for your new baby

All new mums and dads want to keep their babies safe and close when on the go! What better way than to use a baby carrier? Over the years, baby carriers have become more popular worldwide and can be used for newborn babies from day one. It’s convenient and there are so many great benefits […]

Reasons to carry your baby facing inward

Reasons to carry your baby facing inward

There are a lot of baby carriers to choose from, so how do you know which one is best for you and for your growing baby? Many baby carriers can carry the baby facing in or out. However, for young children under 6 months, facing out is not the ideal position for their growth and […]