Vortex cellphone protection card

Be protected from harmful radiation

Throughout the day, we are all exposed to some form of radiation. It can come from our cellphones, laptops, microwaves, or other sources. To maintain a healthy body, we must protect ourselves against various environmental and geopathic pollutants. These toxins don’t just harm our planet, but they threaten our physical and mental health as well. These include natural and manufactured electromagnetic radiation. This post will highlight the harmful effects of radiation and explore the benefits of the Vortex Cellphone Card.

Harmful effects of radiation

Exposure to electromagnetic radiation has increased significantly in recent decades. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has classified radio frequency (RF) radiation as a “possible human carcinogen.” Electromagnetic fields are dangerous because of the risk of cancer. They can also cause a variety of other health issues. Some of the most common symptoms reported include fatigue, concentration difficulties, dizziness, and digestive disturbances. Our bodies have electromagnetic fields and currents running through our nerve fibers and muscle tissues. Any external interference could disturb these internal signals. 

The Vortex Cellphone Protection card

Vortex technology consists of a series of Vortex Cards, which are tiny magnetic discs infused with high-energy frequencies. They work with the inner environment (body and mind) and outer environment (buildings, food, water, air). Each card has a specific function that reduces environmental stressors from the earth’s energies or electronics. It works to restore natural health in the body. The Vortex Cellphone Protection card works like a portable shield against the harmful effects of cell phone radiation, Bluetooth, GPS, and WLAN. It makes us virtually resistant to electrosmog. The Vortex Cellphone Protection card adjusts the electromagnetic radiation from wireless devices to be harmonious with the human energy field. This card does not block harmful radiation from penetrating our body, instead changes the makeup of that radiation. 

Product placement

The Vortex Cellphone Protection card goes at the back of the phone or between the phone and its case. It is also effective on the back of the WiFi router or any other devices whose signals are transmitted through the air, such as tablets, notebooks, televisions, cordless phones, e-readers, and much more.

The Vortex Cellphone Protection card is ideal for people who are always around any electrical devices. After all, who among us today does not have a cellphone, WiFi, or a microwave in their home? For more information on this product, contact us or visit our Womankind store.