Natural healing for morning sickness

Baltic Amber, your natural solution to nausea and joint pain during pregnancy

Countries surrounding the Baltic Sea have used Baltic amber for hundreds of years. It’s known for being nature’s cure-all. It’s no surprise that it helps with joint pain and nausea too. 

Amber is made from the sap of conifer trees located in the region’s dark forests. It contains a substance known as succinic acid, which is a natural anti-inflammatory. Often, joint pain is caused by inflammation in your joints and/or ligaments. The succinic acid not only masks the pain, but actually helps cure it by decreasing the inflammation.

It’s not only your joints that would benefit from the use of Baltic amber. You can manage other types of pain like headaches and baby teething. It’s often used as an immune and mood booster thanks to its antioxidant-rich oils. Amber works best when worn. This is due to your body’s heat melting the oils and allowing them to seep through the surface of the bead and into your bloodstream.

If you are looking for a natural solution for nausea and pain during your pregnancy, we encourage you to get our Baltic amber bracelet/anklet. Allow the succinic acid to release into your skin, and soothe your body.