nature’s safe soother for teething babies

Baltic Amber necklace, nature’s safe soother for teething babies.

The healing properties of Baltic amber have been known for centuries across Europe. Once the amber is warmed by the touch of human skin, succinic acid, a natural analgesic is released by the amber. This analgesicreduces the pain of teething in young children. In addition to teething pain, succinic acid also helps with inflammation as well as boosting the immune system. Baltic amber is also believed to have a therapeutic and calming effect due to creating an electromagnetic field.

Obviously, safety comes first, especially when it comes to children so all Baltic amber necklaces for babies are designed with this in mind. Firstly, all the necklaces come with a screw clasp which is the weakest point of the necklace and will break under strain. Secondly, there’s a knot before and after each bead on the necklace to stop the beads coming off should the necklace break. It should be kept in mind that the amber necklace is not for chewing on. If used correctly the amber necklace is a safe, and natural way to help soothe your child’s teething pains.