soothe away chronic pain

Baltic Amber is an ancient practice that continues to relieve chronic pain

Does the term chronic pain send shivers down your spine? If so, it’s possibly due to that persistent pain that can make your life miserable and unproductive. It can also strain relationships and affect your brain. The good news is that our amber jewellery can help manage and soothe your constant pain, leading to a more vibrant lifestyle.

A healing balm from the ancients

So, when that discomfort caused by persistent pain strikes, what can you do? You can use Baltic amber, a mineral that’s obtained from the resin of fossilized ancient trees. This antibiotic-rich resin that the trees create for themselves helps them to heal and protect themselves from injury and infection. Our amber jewellery consists of beads made from these trees and strung as necklaces, bracelets, and ankle bracelets.

Freedom from over-the-counter pain killers

The more you use common pain killers the more you become dependent on them. Switching to our Baltic Amber products may be better, as they’re natural products that act as an analgesic. Their calming properties can help you deal with anxiety, pain and stress, allowing you to be free from over-the-counter medications. You’ll save medical bills too; a double benefit.

Regain your concentration and focus

Those stubborn migraine headaches can affect your memory and concentration, but that is where our amber jewellery comes into play. When it comes into contact with your skin at a certain temperature, it releases Succinic acid that is easily absorbed into your skin and improves your frame of mind. In this way, you can control the pain while at the same time remaining focused.

No more sleepless nights

Constant pain can rob you of good sleep. Our amber necklaces or bracelets can relieve the pain without having to worry about after-effects or sleepless nights again. As it deals with the discomfort, you can have an all-night enjoyable sleep.

Remain productive at work and home

Whether it’s arthritis or just inflammation that is making you unproductive at work or home, our light-weight amber bracelets can offer you relief. You can wrap them around your ankle or wrist, giving you a long-lasting soothing remedy and keeping you on your toes. And, you’ll also enjoy these extra benefits.

Enjoy your lifestyle with uninterrupted personal relationships

When pain is frustrating, you may find yourself complaining often or even isolated. Our amber products can relieve the pain and help you enjoy your relationships. At the same time, they put money into your pocket when you save on medical bills.

Browse all our high-quality amber jewellery and relieve pain just like the ancients did.