Handmade and ergonomics baby carriers

Baby carriers handmade for comfort

A baby carrier is a helpful item a new mother would consider using. It can make their lives a bit easier and the close proximity a baby carrier provides helps to strengthen a mother’s relationship with their baby. Consciously choosing the most suitable baby carrier will benefit the baby and the mother. Our African Baby Carriers are exclusively handmade and ergonomic and offer unique and enjoyable benefits. This post highlights how our African Baby Carrier is the best option.

Handmade and unique

Our African Baby Carrier is handmade using durable natural cotton, therefore each Carrier is one of a kind. We have customised our designs to suit the specific needs of mothers and babies. Our collection consists of the Original and Deluxe carriers, both suitable for babies older than 3 months. Our third option, the Newborn Carrier, offers support for the baby’s neck with a specially designed hood.


Our baby carriers have many features, including the adjustable hood, multiple straps, waist buckle, padded waist belt, and pouch pocket. All these features work together to offer maximum support for the baby while freeing the mother’s hands to complete everyday tasks. 

The Newborn Carrier is ideal for babies from newborn until they are 9 months old or weigh 9kgs. They are inspired by the Mei Tai design that accommodates the baby’s legs for the first few weeks. 

Our African Baby Carriers can be used in 6 possible ways in order to provide the most possible comfort for mothers and their babies. Babies can be carried in the front or the back of the mother, or they can be placed on either hip.

Designed for comfort

Babies are considered fragile, so the structure of our carriers performs in a way that meets all the requirements for comfort at every stage of growth. The carriers fully support the baby’s weight while providing enough space for the baby’s legs, arms and head to move around, which allows the baby to relax. Our luxurious carriers fulfil a mother’s need to go about their daily routine as usual. 

We design our African Baby Carriers with babies in mind, to maximise their comfort. Each is handmade with durable cotton that ensures a long lifespan. We want mothers to feel safe while carrying their babies and still maintain their daily routine. Contact us for more information.