Man and woman with baby

African Baby Carrier – Bonding with your baby

Creating a bond with our newborn babies is one of the most valuable things any parent can do. A strong parental bond will help develop children’s emotional, mental and cognitive abilities. There are many ways new mums and dads can bond with their bundles of joy. One of the ways of creating this bond is through babywearing, with a baby carrier. So, what is babywearing and why should we be doing it?

What is babywearing?

Babywearing is the act of keeping an infant attached to the body of a parent or caregiver with a supporting device like a baby carrier. This method is not something new to us, as its origins go as far back to early humans. In the past, these carriers were made from animal straps, plants and leather cords to strap babies to the chests of their caregivers. What started as a way to create more secure and longer lasting baby carriers, turned into an art form. People from all over the world adopted this practice and altered it to fit their cultural and everyday lifestyles. For example, Asian women embroidered their baby carriers with stunning intricate designs. Mexican women would make their carriers with a garment know as a rebozo.

The benefits of babywearing

We know how important skin-to-skin contact, or kangaroo care, is for babies, especially newborns. Parents or caregivers are advised to have skin-to-skin contact with their newborns daily. It helps create a bond with our babies, regulate a newborn’s heart rate and boosts their mental development. However, it can be difficult for some mothers and fathers, who are busy, to find the time for skin-to-skin contact with their babies daily. Babywearing is an excellent alternative for mums and dads who are always on the go. It frees up our hands so we can shop, go for a walk or even do some household chores, whilst keeping our baby close and enjoy that special bonding time. Babywearing is also a good opportunity for dads to step in to help and bond like James Bond, with the baby carrier!

African Baby Carrier

African Baby Carriers are made using denim and hemp materials for their superior durability. It uses fabrics that respond to climate by being cool in summer and warm in winter. The design, of the carrier, provides support for the correct development of a child’s spine and hips. The African Baby Carrier is cost efficient and a great investment for our baby’s development. It accommodates the support of a growing child with its unique design. The carrier can carry a baby in the front or back and is available in many styles and colours.

Babywearing is the ideal solution for us mums and dads who want to enjoy bonding with our bundle of joy, whilst also being able to shop, go for a walk or finish some household chores! Visit our WomanKind store to view our range of baby carriers and much more.