Julia Weisensee

My goal with WOMANKIND is to offer sustainable, affordable and natural solutions for you and your baby.

What first began as a stall at a Sunday market in Hout Bay has now grown into this wonderful company. I started big, but I realized the best way to create products that the average mother could afford was to specialize in just a few sections. WOMANKIND is the combination of my products: Baltic amber necklaces, handmade baby carriers, and reusable menstrual products, but I hope to expand and support other sellers with the same values as WOMANKIND.

My main goal is woman empowerment. As a woman, and a mother, I empower myself with my company and providing for my family, but also by empowering other women, offering them control over their bodies and how they parent. Reclaiming our menses by using products that are eco-friendly and therefore budget-friendly, using natural healing for ourselves and our children instead of chemicals, and enjoying the freedom of normal life while still engaging and nurturing our children. I love that my customers can not only know exactly what they and their babies are interacting with, but also that the purchase is empowering other women who have been a part of WOMANKIND.