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5 Benefits of using a baby carrier for your new baby

All new mums and dads want to keep their babies safe and close when on the go! What better way than to use a baby carrier? Over the years, baby carriers have become more popular worldwide and can be used for newborn babies from day one. It’s convenient and there are so many great benefits of wearing your baby in a carrier.
Here, we have noted some of these benefits:

Assists with your baby’s physical development

In a carrier, the baby’s body is being held steady in a natural accurate and comfortable position. This position is similar to how the womb carries the fetus during a woman’s pregnancy. When the baby is being held upright, it helps to prevent any physical abnormalities like as flattened skulls, frog legs or dysplasia from developing.

Communication with your baby

As your baby is being carried close against you in the baby carrier, you get to familiarize yourself with their facial expressions and gestures. In turn, babies feel safe and content. They tend to cry less since mom or dad will now learn their child’s signals for when they are hungry, in discomfort or when they need a diaper change. They will be relaxed and calm, and this will help them breathe more easily too.

Babies sleep better

All babies will feel safer and content when they are closer to their parents. They are relaxed and calm, which will help them breathe more evenly. They will be less agitated which of course makes mom and dad more relaxed too. This also means having a stable body temperature.

Easier breastfeeding

If you are trying to breastfeed your baby in public using only a blanket to cover up, it can be troublesome. With a baby carrier, your baby will be cuddled up against your chest which means easy access for a better latch. This means that it will make it easier for your baby to find your nipple and latch onto it. Mums are more confident because they’ll have some built-in privacy when feeding.

Spend extra time with your other older kids

Babies require a lot of time and energy. It means that older children might see their younger siblings as a threat and feel that you are ignoring them. An African Baby carrier can help solve this problem by freeing up your hands so you can spend quality time with your older child by doing things just like you did before the baby’s arrival.

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As you can see, there are many great ways we can benefit from this while staying comfortable and completing our chores. If you are interested in purchasing a baby carrier, and looking for a store near you, see a full list of stockists in your area here.