reusable menstrual pads

3 benefits of Womankind’s reusable menstrual pads

Have you ever wondered if you should switch to reusable menstrual pads? Apart from being great for the environment and even greater for your pocket, reusable pads have exceptional benefits for your body too! Here are a few reasons why Womankind’s reusable menstrual pads are an all-round winner.

They’re reusable

As the name would suggest, the most important benefit of Womankind’s reusable pads are that they are totally reusable! They last a long time, which saves you money and stamps out that endless need to shop for pads or tampons each month.

Healthier for you

Regular, disposable pads are made of synthetic materials that are usually bleached and doused with artificial fragrances, which can cause skin infections, rashes, and can even disrupt your hormones. Womankind’s reusable pads are made of 100% unbleached and unscented cotton, which completely eliminate the issues found in disposable pads.

Comfortable to wear

Womankind’s reusable pads are soft, breathable, and comfortable, with none of the plastic found in disposable pads that cause itchiness and discomfort. And given the fact that you have to wear pads for so many hours, all day, and all week, your comfort should definitely be a top priority.

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